Vehicle Anti-idling Project

Date Available: 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Expiration Date: 

Thursday, February 28, 2019



The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is partnering with residents and community groups to

stop excessive vehicle idling, which is a major cause of harmful air pollution and asthma.

CLF is recruiting paid investigators to record videos of buses and trucks idling for more than 5

minutes at a time. We are also recruiting volunteer community leaders to identify locations where

vehicles idle and to connect us with concerned residents.




 Attend a training. Investigators attend a paid, 2-hour training to learn about anti-idling laws, the health effects of vehicle emissions, and best practices for recording idling on a phone or camera.

 Gather evidence. Investigators visit predetermined bus depots and truck lots to record vehicles idling on their phones or with a camera. Investigators will visit each place between 4-6 times.

 Report to CLF staff. Investigators send their recordings to our staff and discuss their investigations and progress.



 Identify idling. Community partners tell us where idling occurs in their neighborhood.

 Find investigators. Community partners identify members of their community who are concerned about idling and might be interested in becoming an investigator.

 Meet with CLF staff. Community partners meet with our Program Director to discuss partnerships and opportunities for expanding the anti-idling project.

 Build new initiatives. Community partners have the opportunity to expand the anti-idling project and local air quality work according to their community’s needs. This may include the addition of legislative advocacy or public education.

To learn more about the project, please contact us at: 617-850-1731 or