Participant Advisor Position

Date Available: 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Expiration Date: 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018



Participant Advisor

Position Description


A Community Advisory Panel (CAP) Participant is a designated representative from the PHS Biobank and/or the All of Us Research Program providing input into all aspects of these initiatives and organizational processes, and advocating for enrollee and potential enrollee needs from a broad perspective.


  • Attends meetings of designated committee(s).
  • Reviews any/all materials for meetings beforehand.
  • Offers input and feedback on committee areas of focus and agenda items from an enrollee and/or family perspective.
  • Participates in work groups or projects generated by the CAP, as needed and appropriate.
  • Represents the CAP positively through service on the committee and at events.
  • Reports back to the CAP on the activities of the designated committee, as appropriate, and uses knowledge gained to help shape CAP objectives and initiatives.


  • Member of the PHS Biobank or the All of Us Research Program.
  • Ability to speak to personal experience in a way that informs committee work and outcomes.
  • Ability to advocate effectively for the needs and priorities of staff, patients and families, as appropriate.
  • Capacity to read and understand materials necessary for the committee’s work.
  • Comfort with speaking in front of a potentially large, diverse leadership audience.
  • Aptitude for active listening.
  • Ability to respect and uphold confidentiality of meeting discussions.
  • Availability to attend scheduled recurring meetings.


  • Review of the Community Advisors Program position description.
  • Meeting with the Committee Chair, the principal investigators to review:
    • Committee purpose and function
    • Expectations of committee members
    • Relevant reports and data
    • Term of service with the committee
    • Benefits of participation
  • Review of the organization’s confidentiality policy and its requirements.
  • Review of prior minutes and exhibits to allow for deeper understanding of the committee’s work, as relevant.
  • Successful completion of orientation to the committee.