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Vroom for chelsea family

 By Laura Irias, Chelsea High School and Healthy Chelsea Intern 

About Vroom

Vroom is a website and phone app created by doctors that have developed many ways to help parents engage with their children, to help them learn faster and “build their brain” by doing different types of activities.

“There are moments in your everyday routine where you can be building your child's brain. Simple interactions between you and your children can help build children's brains foundation for all future learning.

This app was created to make it easy and fun to access Vroom activities right in the palm of your hand. Whether you want some daily inspiration or would like to pick something to do based on where you are or what you're doing, this app is meant to help you and your child do brain-building anytime, anywhere.” - Vroom Website

Each one of the tips has detailed information on how to do activities with your child, and each tip has a skill that they develop from doing that activity.

When you click on any of the tips, it tells you what it does and what it’s helpful for.

Here are some tips to explore to find what’s right for you and your family. The following list are the now featuring tips:

  • Fun with chores (Skills: Creativity, communicating, setting goals, persistence, planning, critical thinking, thinking flexibly)
  • Everyday routines (Skill: Categorizing, focus, critical thinking, problem-solving, working with others)
  • Little scientists (Skill: Reflecting, decision making)
  • Let’s focus (Skill: Strategy, setting goals, self control, working memory)
  • Little detective (Skill: Problem-solving, persistence, making connections, setting goals)
  • Practice patience (Skill: Decision making, planning, listening, making connections,strategy, self control)

The go-to tips are the following:

  • Let’s get dressed
  • Anytime adventures
  • Out and about
  • Eat up
  • Stretch
  • Word play
  • Memory master
  • Let’s play
  • Chat
  • Be kind
  • Bedtime activities
  • Look
  • Get creative
  • Follow
  • Take turns

Vroom also has a section called “Favorite” which is where you have all the activities you and your child like to do more and decide that you should do more often, but it’s main function is to make your child’s brain grow.

 At the end of this website, there’s a section where it keeps track of all the activities you have done during the day weekly or even monthly.

As you complete more and more brain building activities, you receive nice comments which encourages you to continue using the app/ website.

Vroom create tips for parents that remind them to use these everyday activities to build their child's brain.