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Help Avoid the Flu This Holiday Season: Get Your

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By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

Getting an annual flu shot can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of avoiding the flu.  The flu, or influenza, is a respiratory illness that can range from mild to severe. In severe cases, it can result in hospitalization or even death.  Some people, such as young children, elderly people, and people with certain medical conditions are at greater risk for complications resulting from the flu. 

Getting a flu shot once a year helps protect you and the people around you.  If don’t get the flu, you can’t pass the flu onto others.

For Better Health, Make Giving Thanks a Habit

Thanksgiving is a day we pay attention to gratitude.

But when it comes to your health, it turns out that gratitude is a good daily practice. 

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is an appreciation for what we have in life.  It is a perspective of thankfulness.  People who have gratitude recognize the good in life, and have a desire to return acts of kindness. 

How does gratitude improve health?

Studies have shown that gratitude is associated with better health. 


Learn About Breast Cancer

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What Is Breast Cancer?

Cancer is caused by malignant (cancerous) cells that grow and multiply without control. Cancer that begins in any part of the breast is called breast cancer.

In breast cancer, the malignant cells can develop in the lobules or glands that make breast milk; this is known as lobular carcinoma.

Or, the cancer cells can start in the ducts or tubes that carry the milk to the nipple; this is known as ductal carcinoma.

According to American Cancer Society estimates for 2014:

• Breast cancer is the second-most common form of cancer in American women

Tips for Sending Children with Food Allergies Back to School

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Published by in Patient Care

Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD, chief of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at MassGeneral Hospital for Children and director of the Food Allergy Center at Mass General, shares tips for preparing children with food allergies for going back to school.

Quitting Tobacco

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This article is contributed by Jonina Gorenstein, JTGORENSTEIN@PARTNERS.ORG

Quitting smoking tobacco is the best thing anyone can do for their health – even if a person smokes just a few cigarettes a day. Chances of a heart attack decrease within a day of quitting. Walking and breathing get easier within a few weeks of quitting.  Quitting is also good for your wallet! You’ll have more money when you quit and no longer need to buy cigarettes.

Health Risks of E-cigarettes

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E-cigarettes (or e-hookahs, hookah sticks, hookah pens, vaping pens) are everywhere these days. What are they?  They are battery-powered devices that turn liquid into a vapor by heating it. The user inhales the vapor.  E-cigarettes are very popular among teenagers, and adults sometimes use them to try to quit smoking.  Some of these devices are disposable; others can be refilled.

Get More and Better Quality Sleep

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Children ages 2-5 should be getting at least 11 hours of sleep per day, and children ages 6-12 should be getting at least 10 hours per day. Children who don’t get enough sleep have a harder time paying attention at school. They are also more likely to have unhealthy weight gain. Sleeping in a quiet room lets their bodies and brains get the rest they need, and getting plenty of sleep helps kids do better in school. A regular bedtime routine can help kids get to sleep.  Make sure to set a regular bedtime, and to create a relaxing bedtime routine that is the same every night (if possible).