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Fitness: Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Specific

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I'm not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions because they generally don’t work. Each January, people promise themselves that they will do something really positive in the new year — like lose 20 pounds in 2017. That seems simple, but it encompasses many potential challenges that can become unmanageable.

Instead of big resolutions, build on smaller goals.

‘Tis the Season to Decorate Safely

chelsea, ma
‘Tis the Season to Decorate Safely 
by CPSC Blogger

During November and December 2015, there were six fatalities and an estimated 14,000 injuries treated in hospital ERs nationwide, due to holiday decorations. That’s an average of about 230 injuries per day during the holiday season!

Is Lack of Sleep Dooming Your Diet?

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Do you find it’s especially difficult resisting chocolate chip cookies after a few sleepless nights? It’s not all in your head. In fact, a lack of sleep may be more serious than you think. Learn how skimping on shut-eye can make it harder to be healthy and lose weight.

Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

How much is enough? Most adults need 7-9 hours of shut-eye per night. Teens and children need even more.

Substance Use Disorders: MGH Recognizes Recovery Month

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In health care, “recovery” has many meanings – it can be a process of moving toward better health, a period of recuperation or a rediscovering of purpose after a devastating loss. For those who struggle with substance use disorders (SUD), recovery can also be an evolution from the spiritual, physical, emotional and psychosocial effects of addictive illnesses.

In Season Now: Tomatoes

By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

A tomato a day keeps the doctor away?  Not exactly what the old adage says (It’s an apple a day…), but it could be true. 

Tomatoes offer many health benefits and they are abundant in the summer, especially in August!  If you have a garden or tomato plants, you know this.  If you don’t have a garden, a trip to a farmer’s market should offer plenty of options. 

The Revere and Chelsea Farmers Market is held

Every Friday

American Legion
249 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151


Protecting Our Children from the Chronic Stress of Violence and Intolerance

by Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

Ongoing gun violence has many of us feeling overwhelmed. Chronic stress and an underlying sense of helplessness is bad for our health and the health of our children.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has had enough, and in July, issued new guidelines to help reduce this “toxic stress” that is mentally and physically harming our children.  


Harvest of the Month

Chelsea, MA

During the school year, Chelsea School Food Service, Healthy Chelsea, and FoodCorps work together to feature a local fruit or vegetable each month and sample recipes in the cafeteria. This program, called Harvest of the Month and sponsored by Mass Farm to School, is continuing throughout the summer in Chelsea, at all 18 of the summer meals sites!