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Keep the Ticks Off: Tips for Protecting Yourself

Keep the Ticks Off: Tips for Protecting Yourself Chelsea, 02150

Ticks invite themselves to your barbecue and hang around long after the party is over. A Mass General expert explains how to have fun and be safe.

The late spring and early summer are a great time to get outside and hike, play sports or barbecue with family and friends. Just remember, some uninvited guests may show up at your party—ticks like this time of year, too.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Chronic Pain

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Talking to your healthcare provider about chronic pain can be difficult, but it is a conversation worth having, says Paul Arnstein, PhD, a Massachusetts General Hospital nurse and educator who has 35 years of experience in pain management.

Doctors can’t apply a pain monitor, like they can to check your blood pressure. “Healthcare providers will not know the location, timing or intensity of your pain, unless you tell them,” he says.