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Chelsea Hunger Network Ceramic Bowl

For the “All-Chelsea 2014 Award “ winning 4th Annual Chelsea Empty Bowls, April 23 at the Williams School

One Artful Way to Feed the Hungry! Pick a time and place below and join your friends and neighbors to paint a ceramic bowl for the event. Paint any design, logo or flag. There is no end to your creativity! Become one of the hundreds of Chelsea community artists who will have their bowls displayed and selected to accompany the delicious soups enjoyed by those attending the 4th Annual Empty Bowls. Free

Bellingham Square/Fay Square/City Hall area Presentation of Conceptual Design Plans I Jan. 20 (Attached bilingual flyer)

Chelsea Massachusetts area presentation of conceptual design plans

The City of Chelsea Department of Planning and Development will host a Community
Meeting on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Williams Middle School, Music
Room, First Floor, at 180 Walnut Street (entrance is on the Arlington Street side of
school) to present conceptual designs for potential public space, sidewalk, crosswalk, and
traffic improvements to the Bellingham Square/Fay Square/City Hall area based on
community suggestions. This is the second of two meetings that follows the recently

Chelsea Public Schools FUEL program Parent meeting with MEFA (bilingual flyer attached)

MEFA Financial Aid Seminar

Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority is offering a number of free seminars and webinars for families to learn about planning, saving and paying for college. Topics include:

• Applying for financial aid
• How financial aid decisions are made
• Financial aid award letters
• How families can pay their share of college costs
• What free resources are available to help families

-See more at: http://www.mefa.org/payforcollege/findaseminar_pay.aspx?id=1464#/?i=2

Learn about MEDITATION. Free Transformation Workshop -- JAN. 28

What is Meditation? Studies show that our intelligence doesn’t reside solely on the brain, but that our body holds the kind of perception that can help us make better decisions and find the answers to our questions. Meditation, in almost any of its forms, can lead you to a more integrated, wiser part of yourself. It is through meditation that we can appreciate the parts of us that we keep distant with the incessant chatter of the brain. (http://www.newbeliefs.org). This is a free workshop that teaches meditation and much more. Don't miss it!!

Meet our Parks and Open Space

Did you know that Chelsea is the smallest city in Massachusetts? Yet it boasts more than 30 parks, playgrounds, open spaces and community garden. Whether you’re looking for a place to jog or picnic, or a place to play or relax, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Chelsea’s parks and green spaces.




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