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Reducing portion size

Healthy Chelsea tip #3

Reducing portion size

Reducing portion sizes – how much we eat for a meal or a snack – is a good way to avoid too many calories, fat, sodium and sugar, but it can be tricky learning what a healthy portion size is.  For example, did you know that 3 ounces of lean meat is equivalent to the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand? And 1 cup of breakfast cereal is about the size of your fist?

Rethink your drink

Healthy Chelsea tip #2

Rethink your drink 

The soft drink aisle of any supermarket presents us with dozens of choices! Wow What should we try this time? Well, nothing actually; we’re much better off walking past the soft drink isle to the dairy section for a carton of low fat milk. Milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium and it’s fortified with vitamin D.

The other recommended beverage – water- you already have at home.

A SNOW EMERGENCY will be in Effect on Sunday, February 8th 2015 at 6:00PM

Chelsea Massachusetts

The City of Chelsea will be in a Snow Emergency / Parking Ban Sunday - February 8th,2015 at 6:00PM Until further notice. Please check all signs for parking enforcement. Attached  is parking regulations, for any snow related questions you may contact 617-466-4200 or 617-466-4300.

This information is collected from the city of Chelsea web page.

Maneras sencillas de incluir más frutas y verduras en su dieta

Health Chelsea MA, Eat more fruits and vegetables

¡Consuma  más frutas y verduras!

¡Lo  escuchamos  una y otra vez! Sin embargo,  resulta difícil seguir este consejo durante más tiempo; ¿Qué será lo que nos impide continuar?

 Tal vez si identificamos los obstáculos podremos superarlos; ¡intentémoslo!

Obstáculo no 1: las verduras se tiene que lavar, pelar y cortar y eso termina tomando demasiado tiempo

Chelsea Thrives- Shurtleff-Bellingham Neighborhood Summit I TBD 2015

Chelsea MA neighborhood summit

Let's work together to make change in the Shurtleff-Bellingham neighborhood! Join us on Saturday February 7th from 9AM-2PM at Jordan Boys & Girls Club, 30 Willow St. Chelsea. Celebration to follow! Free Food and childcare provided. Attached you will find a flyer and if you have question please contact us at 617-889-1375 ext 147.


Chelsea Snow Emergency information Sunday, February 1st 2015

The city of Chelsea is declaring a snow emergency effective at 11 p.m. tonight, Sunday, Feb. 1st. Until further notice. Please check all signs for parking enforcement. Attached is the city of Chelsea department of public works winter season operation manual and winter parking regulation. For any snow related questions you may contact 617-466-4200 or 617-466-4300.

FREE Tax Preparation

Healthy Chelsea post tax prep Cheslea CAPIC

The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Program offers free tax help for taxpayers who qualify. Trained community volunteers may help with special credits, such as Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled. In addition to free tax return preparation assistance, We also offer free electronic filing (e-filing). Individuals taking advantage of the e-file program will receive their refunds in half the time compared to returns filed on paper – even faster when tax refunds are deposited directly into one's bank account.


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