Back to School: A Joy for Many, A Nightmare for Some

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Most school age kids are eager to head back to school. Sure, they’ll miss their summer vacation, but the prospect of moving up a grade, seeing friends again, and even having a new teacher is really exciting.

Yet, for a few kids and their parents it’s kind of a nightmare.

Physical Therapy Helps Reduce Pelvic Floor Issues

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Physical therapy can help with bladder and bowel control issues as well as pelvic pain issues — whether they arise immediately after pregnancy or in the years that follow.

Pelvic floor physical therapy could be a game-changer if women sought it immediately postpartum.

How to Spring Clean Your Diet in Five Steps

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I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open looking for answers.

This sentiment has become a popular internet meme. (Google it.) While it advocates for the importance of food in our lives, it also suggests that our surrounding environment is always interacting with us. The physical space where we cook can impact how we eat. If cabinets, counters and fridge shelves are cluttered, it will make healthy eating harder.

Manténgase Alejado de las Garrapatas: Consejos para Protegerse

Keep the Ticks Off: Tips for Protecting Yourself Chelsea, 02150

Las garrapatas invitan a sí mismos a su barbacoa y pasar mucho tiempo después de la fiesta ha terminado. Un experto de Mass General Hospital explica cómo divertirse y estar seguro.

El final de la primavera y principios del verano es un buen momento para salir y caminar, practicar deportes o barbacoa con la familia y amigos. Sólo recuerde, algunos no invitados pueden aparecer en su fiesta – garrapatas también les gusta esta época del año.

Keep The Ticks Off: Tips For Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Lyme Disease This Summer

Keep the Ticks Off: Tips for Protecting Yourself Chelsea, 02150

Ticks invite themselves to your barbecue and hang around long after the party is over. A Mass General expert explains how to have fun and be safe.

The late spring and early summer are a great time to get outside and hike, play sports or barbecue with family and friends. Just remember, some uninvited guests may show up at your party—ticks like this time of year, too.


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